What We Do

Sharing the Good News!

We have been privileged while preaching the Word of God to see: The lost found, the sick healed and the dead raised. We have some remarkable and miraculous testimonies and experience in seeing God’s Hand of provision and deliverance! JOIN US IN WALKING OUT THE LOVE OF CHRIST IN PRACTICAL WAYS!

See you in the Wheat Fields!


One of the most meaningful experiences we have been honored to be part of, was when we led Revive Church. Before each service we would do some practical teaching and prayer with EVERYONE participating and allowing the Holy Sprit to direct them. It was for some the most exciting part of their week! We named this “the Cloud“. We named it this as we noticed more and more people joining over time and it resembled a cloud formation. WE WILL BE DOING CLOUD FORMATIONS THROUGHOUT THE COMMUNITY. Check our “weather report” HERE and meet with us.


We believe what Jesus meant when He said He came for the sick and needy (Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31 and Mathew 9:12).  We have had great success throughout our conversion, which began in 1981, in seeing the sick and needy healed, set free and Born Again in the most simple of ways. We will be ministering this way as part of the Cloud format. We believe in keeping it simple and presenting the Gospel in that same way. We will meet in public venues with recorded music and will worship the Most High and read from His word. 

We have seen God do such amazing things at these events, where people just walk up to us and ask what it is we are doing. A lot of them ask to sing with us and read along in the Bible and eventually receive Christ as their Savior! SO REFRESHING! Check our “weather report” HERE for upcoming events. 


We feel that studying the Bible is absolutely essential and while “experiences” are awesome, we need substanceThat substance is found in the Bible and the Bible alone! Again, watch our “weather report” HERE for our events.